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Excel Spreadsheets

Excel Spreadsheets

General Information About Excel Spreadsheets:

We use Excel spreadsheets for a variety of uses. Simple spreadsheets that may be used just to calculate a column of figures or to hold a list of book titles etc.

Spreadsheets can be set up with complex formulae’s for a number of uses.

We can set up an Excel spreadsheet for you to log your accounts and work out the Vat making it easy for the information to be transferred to your Vat return (if you need to fill one in), or for use to calculate your self assessment.

If you tell us what information is required within your spreadsheet we can set this up for you so that you can use it yourself or we can do this for you. We can also come to your premises.

Remember, even the most simple spreadsheet can save you time and money with the right formulae’s in it.

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